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The Ultimate Maverick’s Love Manual: Beyond Average: Entrepreneurial Spirit Getting All Mushy 

Oscar Wilde, the OG of sass and wisdom, once dropped this gem: "Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary." It's like he looked into the souls of entrepreneurs and self-development fanatics who, let's face it, groove to the beat of their own drum.

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The Entrepreneur's Wild Ride

Being an entrepreneur sometimes feels like playing imposter charades, right? We're haunted by the imposter syndrome monster, questioning if we're doing enough. Wilde’s nugget of wisdom is a kick in the entrepreneurial pants – to be extraordinary, you gotta fully embrace the crazy mix of skills and quirks you've got.

Apply this golden nugget in your personal and professional life. You've chosen the rollercoaster life – full of risks, crazy ideas, and the never-ending quest for growth. But, don't forget to sprinkle some of that wisdom in your relationships too, or else it's like having a killer party with no guests.

A Love That Sees Your Crazy Brilliance

Being loved as extraordinary is like finding someone who not only gets your wild business love affair but champions it. Your business might be your bae, but your personal relationships need that same spark. Aim for partners who get your odd hours and support your bizarre dreams. A lover who treats you like you're extraordinary becomes your partner in crime in the world-changing journey.

Acknowledging Your Own Awesomeness

Keeping your sense of worthiness intact, even when others don't get it, is the real superhero move. Extraordinary love doesn't ask you to water down your essence; it adds rocket fuel to your awesomeness. Entrepreneurs, the trailblazers and destiny architects, need relationships that sync up with this mindset. You deserve someone who's blown away by your hustle, not trying to put it on snooze.

Ordinary might be comfy, but it's the extraordinary that writes the history books. And for an entrepreneur, that history starts not just on Wall Street or in tech havens but right at home, in the heart. Remember your worth. Aim for relationships that break the mold, that elevate you, that refuse to be anything but extraordinary. Because, let's be real, you, the mover and shaper, are nothing short of extraordinary.

Calling All Rebels of Love

Hey you, yeah, you reading this! Spill the beans on your extraordinary love story in the comments. Whether it's in business, relationships, or your solo journey of epic growth, let your tale be a guiding light for fellow dreamers who crave a bit more. Ever felt like an imposter despite your epic wins? Tell your story to a community that gets the quirky heartbeat of the entrepreneurial soul.

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