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Weight loss guidance with Vickie Griffith

Are cravings killing your diet?

Crush Cravings in 30 Seconds

Do you find yourself:

  • Grabbing the raisin bran muffin at the coffee shop for breakfast because that’s closest thing  to “eating healthy” you can find?

  • Thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner while still eating your lunch?

  • Standing in front of the open fridge looking for something to fix your mid-afternoon slump?

  • Spending every night with Ben and Jerry, your favorite nighttime companions?

Crush Food Cravings with Vickie Griffith

This is Why You Can't Lose Weight

Every day, all day, it can be challenging to manage what you eat and how you eat especially if you are on a diet. Your favorite foods haunt you from the moment you wake up in the morning until bedtime. Losing weight is hard enough without TV commercials blasting ads with French fries or someone leaving fresh donuts in the break room.  Just like the poem the Night before Christmas even during sleep vision of sugar plums dance in your dreams. 

Many of my clients complain that cravings are the number one source for blowing their diets. Yet, after learning how to crush their cravings they find it easy to stick to their food plan without deprivation or willpower that leads to real weight loss. 

Now you can learn how to crush cravings. Really, the craving just disappears. Even when they think about the food. The craving does not come back. Some of my clients have never eaten that food again. 

Weight loss program to crush food cravings with Vickie Griffith

What if you could...

  • Get rid of the urge to stop and grab a bag of potato chips or candy bar on the way home every night? 

  • Turn away the bread basket at the restaurant? 

  • Feel no longing for another piece of pizza after you just ate three? 

What would that do to your waist line?

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