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"No More Diets! Real Weight Loss Without Struggle."
Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster!

Vickie Griffith weight loss coach without a diet
Stop dieting

Get OFF the Diet Roller Coaster with Vickie Griffith of Break-Through!

Weight loss with Vickie Griffith starts with your emotions and then your can Break-Through to real weight loss. Lose Weight WITHOUT Crazy Diets, Sweaty Workout, or Giving Up Chocolate.

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"Vickie Griffith helps you break-through your weight loss struggle". Watch some of my YouTube Videos and please consider Subscribing to my Channel.

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Vickie’s Personal Transformation Story

Hi, I am Vickie Griffith and struggled with my weight until I stopped dieting. As a shy (
I choose to use the word reserved) fat, unhappy teenager, I lived every day as a wallflower. Due to my lack of confidence and low self-esteem, I was really good at sabotaging any efforts to lose weight and keep it off.

That is until I lost 49+ pounds have kept it off for over 18 years using simple, easy-to-implement tools that stopped the food cravings, managed anxiety, and stop the sabotage.

I went from a ho-hum, unhappy, fat existence as a teenager to Certified Hypnotist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) professional, speaker, regularly featured radio and TV show guest.

Also, an author of Stucked UP! A BreakThrough Path to Unstuck and Co-Author of Life Boosts with two New York Times Best Selling Authors, a Licensed Minister, and an adjunct Professor at the University of Richmond.

Audience members talk about my infectious enthusiasm and deceptively low-key, casual approach. I love to travel throughout the country offering keynotes, coaching, and workshops.

My husband (Terry) and I kept moving south to get out of the cold Michigan winters. Moving to Virginia for 15 years. When the winter was getting too cold there we moved 
further south. We now live in Florida with our two dogs Surrey and Kim.


I have become one of those Floridians that I use to laugh at. All bundled up when it is 70 degrees outside.  Seriously, coat, mittens, and scarf. Funny how life changes. 

Vickie Griffith-Author-Speaker
Vickie Griffith, Author, Professional Speaker, keynote Speaker, Business Consultant
Vickie Griffith's latest book, available on Amazon :"You can be right about Everything, and still have nothing"

Vickie Griffith is internationally respected as the BreakThrough Catalyst having helped thousands of individuals tap into their unique brilliance and highest potential in business and life.  Buy Vickie's Latest Book "You Can Be Right About Everything and Still Have Nothing".

Vickie is known for her infectious enthusiasm and deceptively low-key, casual approach. She travels throughout the country offering keynotes, coaching, and workshops. 


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