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I know You WILL fail....if you do this...

The 4 Reasons I Know You Will Fail
I talk to a lot of people every week, and the same four reasons come up time after time. They think they'll succeed this time but it's just code for setting yourself up for failure in disguise! Read on if you want some advice that might help turn things around because we all do these things without realizing how much our minds play tricks on us when trying new tasks or adventures.

1. I read this book, watched that video
Curiosity is part of having a wow life! Awe filled wonderful moments can come from any number or combination- books/videos etc., depending on your passion for learning new things . When we get excited about the insights in them it's natural to want these energies propel us towards our goal.
Reality: The key to success is habit. It’s not a one-time read, but rather repetition and action - if you don't believe in the core of your being at deep levels within yourself (the most controlling part), then it will be hard for anyone else who isn’t fully committed themselves as an individual with their own set goals & aspirations to succeed too because there's no chance whatsoever.
2. It has been three weeks and I am doing great, now!
Fantastic! That is awesome
Reality: The second or third week is always when the excitement wears off. It's not your fault, that's how our brain works! Dopamine (a feel-good chemical in the brain) surges with something new. Once "newness" fades so does dopamine leaving us right back where we started feeling like failures. Not to mention life never gave any breaks during this time either with kids still misbehaving the cats are throwing up hairballs again, an unexpected bill pops up out of nowhere which leaves you feeling overwhelmed at all these things happening simultaneously while trying really hard to change.
3. I can do this on my own.
It's great that you've learned to be self-sufficient and independent!
In life, we all need encouragement and support. A coach can be your shoulder to cry on or kick you in the ass when things get tough- they're there for you through thick AND thin! Why would any professional athlete hire personal trainers if not because of this very fact? They know that without themselves managing their own emotions (and rightfully so!), then success will never come easy.
4. I can’t afford it!
This is the number one excuse I hear. There are times in our lives when we have set backs. Our bank accounts lack funds and we really don’t have the money. I have been there. I get it.
You are a person who is hiding. You have been using that as an excuse to stay hidden from the world and all its joys, but it's time for you to stop being so fearfully! What if I told you there was something worse than not experiencing life at all? It would be living your days in bitterness, doubt and what if’s because of what could've happened had things gone differently.
This theme of lack will haunt you in every area of your life. What if you change that? Your life may become everything you have always wanted.
Are you willing to wait for that? How long?
Ask yourself: What's holding me back from changing my life now and making it everything I always dreamed of having? You may be surprised at how quickly something can change. Our minds are powerful things, but they're also finite - we only have so much energy or attention span before our brains start shutting down one function after another until finally all become useless because there is nothing left except fear... Do not let this happen! Your future awaits with limitless possibilities-you just need a little motivation (and maybe an outside perspective).
- Vickie

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