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Vickie Griffith for You Can Be Right

Does this sound familiar to you

-It is 3 O'clock, and you are so tired you are surfing the office for candy dishes?

-You made it through the day and promised yourself you would have just one glass of wine. Two

hours later and two to three glasses later….

- You justify buying those expensive shoes because you deserve it. 

-You label food "Good or Bad".

-The stress at the office is so thick it's hard to have fun with the kids.

- You just got overlooked for another promotion.

- You find one more way to make your spouse wrong

- You feel God has forgotten about you.

- The amount in the bank account indicates whether today is a good or bad day.

If you resonate with any of these questions, this book is for you. It will make permanent changes

in everything in your life. 

In this book, Vickie will teach you to make the shifts you want to make, even to your surprise,

with much more ease than ever before. The new behaviors you need to lose weight, create

more income, achieve success in your career or business, enjoy the ones you love again and

lean into God become normal without thinking about it, worrying over it, or added stress.

On Sale Now:

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