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A celebration of laughter

Let us reflect on the profound wisdom imparted by the inimitable Charlie Chaplin who once bestowed upon us the belief that, "a day without laughter, is indeed, a day wasted." A testament to Chaplin's rich legacy is that his laughter-filled journey propelled him from a humble existence to a life adorned with wealth beyond measure. 

Laughter heals the soul

Now, I wish to share with you a recent tale, a celebration of laughter that brings me immense joy. A hilarious spectacle unfolded before my eyes, involving our wise old pet engaging in playful interactions with our youthful companion. The festivity of their dance was so uproarious, it left me breathless, my heart echoing with peals of laughter. 

The enchantment of laughter swept over me, making me forget everything else. It stole my balance, flinging me onto the floor, leaving my sides aching and my jaw throbbing from the endless chuckles. And I say, what a wonderful fall it was, to be seized by such joyous surrender. An experience akin to a boxing match, only this time, the blows dealt were strokes of laughter!

Now, I wish to ask you, dear friend, when was it last, that laughter embraced you, leaving you gasping for air and your sides convulsing in joyous pain? Do share with us, a proof of your laughter, if any, for we all could use a sprinkle of joy in our lives.

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