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Author Vickie Griffith - Lose weight without a diet
Amazon Book - Stucked Up by Vickie Griffith

Whether live or virtual event, conference, or meeting, Vickie Griffith engages and inspires the audience to take action with tangible applications from their experience. Vickie Griffith is known for her infectious enthusiasm and deceptively low-key, casual approach speaking and traveling throughout the country offering keynotes, coaching, and workshops.

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Vickie Griffith eliminates self-sabotage. Unfortunately, a huge road block that prevents you from thriving is what is going on between your ears. Negative thoughts and beliefs are impacting you actions to thrive at work, slim down or grow the business of your dreams.
Griffith will reveal simple steps that create powerful shifts. You CAN achieve your goals, ideal weight with ease.

Stop struggling and settling to just to get by.
Vickie is known for her infectious enthusiasm and deceptively low-key, casual approach. She travels throughout the country offering keynotes, coaching, and workshops.

Top 3 Reasons to Hire Vickie


1) She will show up. She is truly interested in making
       your event successful.

2) She will customize the speeches based on your audience's needs. 

3)  Vickie is easy to work with and wants to make this
       experience a success for you and the audience. 


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Professional Weight loss author Vickie Griffith