Melissa McCarthy’s Perspective On Weight Loss Is So Insanely Relatable

There's no funnier actress in Hollywood right now than Melissa McCarthy. The mom of two daughters with husband Ben Falcone (they recently celebrated their 14th anniversary) and Midwest native has made a name for herself on television with her roles on Gilmore Girls and Mike and Molly. And she’s of course a bonafide movie star, with films like Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters, and the soon-to-be-released Superintelligence in December 2019 as well. But she's been an inspiration when it comes to other *big* topics on the minds of so many women: weight loss and body positivity.

Besides her work on the screen (as well as producing), McCarthy, who turned 49 in August 2019, has been candid about discussing her weight and health journey as a superstar in Hollywood. She’s been open, honest, and of course, hilarious, about what it’s been like to have her body as a topic that's constantly in the spotlight and how she navigates that. Click through the slideshow above for everything you need to know about McCarthy’s health and weight-loss journey, in her words.

1) She’s been ‘every size in the world.'

2) She's fallen into the trap of fad diets.

3) She’s pointed out that men don’t get the same treatment about weight.

4) She’s had trouble finding designers to dress her.

5) So…she started designing her own clothing lines.

6) She isn’t a huge fan of dieting.

7) She makes it very clear that no one should be hung up on appearances.

8) She’s felt ‘categorized’ by her weight.

9) She lost weight by being 'boring.'

10) She's also revamped her exercise routine.

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