Fear the number on the scale?

Gained Weight from COVID?

Battling Your Weight Long Before COVID?

Struggling with Feast or Famine roller coaster dieting?

Scales of Justice the Event

Then This is for You!

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This One-Day Quick Start Event is what Chronic Dieters Need to Really Release Pounds and Keep Them Off!

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When: August 27, 2021

Time: 9:00 – 4:30pm EST

Where: Online

Investment: $27

Justice for weight loss event
Wine and Chocolate

What is the Scales Of Justice Event? 


  • A day long playshop working with Vickie


  • Introduction to the which programed architype is making you fall off your diet. 


  • How to disrupt the all three “T” that are pushing you down the path of eating bad foods.


  • How to stop food cravings under a minute. 


  • Learn how to stay on your food plan, lose weight without struggle diets or rigorous exercise plans. 

  • And of course, without giving up chocolate or wine.

Join Vickie Griffith for a one day event and leave knowing the exact steps you need to stick to a program and lose weight. 

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Scales of Justice the Event

Take-aways from this event:

How to tackle beliefs and habits:

  • It is too hard. 

  • I have tried this before.

  • It never works for me. 

  • Eating well all day and blowing it at specific times of the day. 

  • What to instead of eat when you feel anxious, bored, sad, mad, tired, or emotional.

  • How to stay calm and feel in control while everyone else is spinning in chaos. 

  • Feel safe releasing weight and emotions.

  • It is lonely to be thin. 

  • Safely accepting the new you: the thin, confident women inside.


I guarantee you will have some serious a-ha moments and breakthroughs! You will deeply shift the way you think and feel about food, your body, your relationships, and yourself. 

Mistakes that took me years to figure out.

And You are making the same ones.


•  You hop on the latest diet trend.
       Only to hop off just as quickly. 

•   Fighting to stop eating foods you love.

•  Only eating celery and cucumbers after a
      big blow out on my diet. 

•  Self bullying because you failed one
       more diet attempt. 

Smiling woman winning the weight loss battle

When: August 27, 2021

Time: 9:00 – 4:30pm EST

Where: Online

Investment: $27



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