30 Day Fast-Fun-Challenge


30 Day Challenge To Struggle Free Weight Loss


Folks were telling me they need a jump-start program to get them back on track.  That is why it is a 30-Day Challenge

FUN: They have also said that fun was missing in their lives. And there is a perception that losing weight is not fun. Why can’t it be? I say let’s do it.

FEAST: This is my favorite part.  It is not feasting on celery or carrots or food with no taste. It is learning how to include foods you love everyday while you lose weight.

Eating Healthy

Hear from Vickie herself with Jean Kuhn. Hear how this successful system works!

You are not meant to diet! Surveys say so.

Lose weight emotionally without exercise or a diet

If dieting kept the weight off, you would not be looking at this page. 

The statics are harsh:

50 % of dieters weighed more than 11 pounds over their starting weight five years after the diet.

Women spend over 17 years of their life dieting

Lose their body weight 9 times over their lifetime

30 Day Fast-Fun-Challenge


30 Day Challenge To Struggle Free Weight Loss

You want to believe so badly you could have that too.

All of the folks in the after pictures think they have solved their weight loss issue forever. They vow never to get that fat again.  It works for a few weeks, months, maybe a year on their own until a birthday, vacation or loss comes about, and it sends them into an eating frenzy. 

The diet industry knows the statics. If you get to your goal weight, that is a BIG “If.” You will be back with an extra 11 pounds within five years.  If you don’t get to your goal, you will be back sooner.

On top of it, last year you had to adjust to life differently. Working from home, fearful for your health, losing jobs, loved ones, and losing pets threw you for a loop. Even folks that never stress ate or emotional ate before started using food to cope.

Healthy eating guidance without a diet

You may be wondering why am I doing this 

30 Day Challenge now?

Overating help from Vickie Griffith


New Year’s resolution fizzled out, but you still want to be thinner.  There is a feeling of hope surging through the country. This feeling of hope is encouraging you to try again.


It feels right to me now. There was a lot of commercial push from the diet industry at the first of the year. But this year, I could feel how it increased the shame and guilt folks felt about their weight gain.  It did not feel right to run a program until now. 

I just came up with this idea, and it sounded fun. Fun, laughter, and joy had drained out of our lives. It is time to get it back. 

What this 30-Day Challenge is:

Vickie Griffith Professional Weight Loss Coach
  • 30 Day Challenge to get on track. 

  • Lose weight with ease

  • Learn how to Crush Craving

  • Fun, Motivational, Practical

  • Group support

  • Eliminate emotional and stress eating

  • Learn to cope with life’s ups and downs without going to food or alcohol 

  • A Challenge with a cool prize for who gets the most points. 

Many shy away from saying they are competitive. This is a good place to train your brain to win at weight loss. The brain LOVES winning and craves more winning. 


 What This is not:

  • A diet

  • Measuring food

  • Counting calories

  • Portion control

  • Deprivation 

  • Time Consuming

  • Bullying, shaming, guilting, or pushing you into doing anything uncomfortable. Don’t like to compete with others, don’t. However, commit to doing the work.

  • Lose 30 pounds in 30 days diet.

Can it happen? Yes. I can.

Is it healthy? No.

Will the 30 pounds stay off? Refer to statics above.

  • Prize for the most pounds lost. I will never encourage that type of unhealthy behavior in weight loss.

  • What is the investment?

  • 30-Days of interaction, playfulness, and participation


It all starts on April 26th in our private Facebook Group. But don’t weight. (Did you see it? I know it is a groaner. But fun...)

The doors are open in the Facebook Group; we will start interacting with each other now.



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